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Maintaining good blood sugar levels will help you stay healthy and stay in control of your diabetes. Carefully checking your blood sugar and writing down the results will also help your healthcare team review your plan and make changes, if needed.

You can test your blood sugar levels yourself by using a glucometer. You should ask your healthcare team what glucometer is best for you and how to use it the right way. If you do not have a glucometer ask your doctor to order one for you.

Your doctor is also the best person to tell you what your blood sugar levels should be before and after your meals. Remember to record your blood sugar levels every day and bring the record of your blood sugars your glucometer with you to the doctor.
This test is an average of your blood sugar over a three-month period. You do not need to stop eating or prepare for this test. You should have this test at least twice a year. High blood sugar levels can harm your feet, your eyes and your kidneys. Your HbA1c goal should be less than 7%.
If your blood pressure is too high, your heart will have to work harder – and that could cause a heart attack or a stroke. Both diabetes and high blood pressure can also harm your kidneys. People with diabetes should work with their doctor to keep their blood pressure less than 140/80 and have a yearly urine test to check how their kidneys are working.
There are two types of cholesterol: LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol). A quick way to remember the difference: “L” is for “lousy” and “H” is for “healthy”. It’s better to have high HDL. If your LDL is too high, it can build up and clog your blood vessels. This could cause you to have a heart attack or stroke. You should have your LDL checked at least once a year. Ask your doctor what your LDL is at your next appointment. It should be less than 100mg/dL. When you are having your blood test for cholesterol, be sure to check if you need to fast (not eat) before this test.

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