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One of your options is a MassHealth plan type called an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). An ACO is a health plan, like BMC HealthNet Plan, that was created to help simplify and personalize your healthcare experience. Healthcare is about more than just appointments and prescriptions— it's about having a partner in your health and wellness journey.

What is an ACO?
Services you receive in an ACO are more customized to your needs and may go beyond what you think of traditional healthcare. In an ACO you can expect:

  • More efficient care. Your health history will all be in one place to help prevent repeat testing and medication overlap.
  • More access to important resources. Resources like housing assistance, utilities, transportation, job training, healthy food, and nutrition and wellness classes.
  • More hands-on follow-up care. Like help managing medicines, pre-existing conditions, and medical care across doctors to keep you out of the hospital and out living life.


To do all of this, we’ve formed new partnerships with hospitals and community health centers that share these same goals. We are excited to bring you a new kind of health care with four new ACOs from BMC HealthNet Plan:

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