BMC HealthNet Plan provides ongoing education to members with asthma to help them manage their conditions more effectively. 

Member Interventions

We teach members about their asthma so that they can make decisions that reduce their exposure. This includes teaching members to:


  • Use quick relief and long-term inhalers correctly
  • Know their asthma triggers and how to avoid them
  • Work with their doctor to develop an Asthma Action Plan 
  • Refill prescriptions in a timely manner
  • Educate parents how to manage and monitor their child’s asthma

Care Management

Our Care Management program can help members learn more about their asthma, including what triggers it, how medication can help, and how to live with it. 
  • The asthma program includes provider reports with members’ medication histories for controller and rescue medications.
  • Any time a member is referred to one of our care management programs, we will notify you by letter or telephone and work to coordinate your patient’s care.

Refer Patient to Care Management

Call us at 866-853-5241 or complete the appropriate form to refer a patient to a Care Management program. Our care management staff will evaluate the member and enroll him/her in the most appropriate program based on condition, severity of illness and individual needs.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

BMC HealthNet Plan adopts, endorses and implements these evidence-based guidelines from national sources, professional organizations, or developed by regional collaborative groups. Guidelines serve as a means of establishing standards among medical and behavioral health providers to improve health outcomes. They are not intended to replace clinical judgment. 


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