2022 Compare ConnectorCare Plans

The Massachusetts Health Connector will tell you what ConnectorCare plan you have been assigned to based on the information that you submitted.

The chart below is a quick reference guide of what's covered under each plan. Click on your plan name for more information. 

Plan Name Annual Deductible
Individual / Family
Annual Max Out-of-Pocket
Individual / Family
Office Visits
per visit
Tiers 1/2/3
(30-day supply)
Waived if admitted
Inpatient Hospitalization
Per admission
ConnectorCare Plan Type I
$0/$0 $0/$0

$0/$0 $1/$3.65/$3.65 $0 $0
ConnectorCare Plan Type II $0/$0 $750/$1,500

$10/$18 $10/$20/$40 $50 per visit
$50 copayment
ConnectorCare Plan Type III $0/$0 $1,500/$3,000

$15/$22 $12.50/$25/$50 $100 per visit
$250 copayment

 All preventive services are covered in full. 

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