Community Involvement

Headquartered in Boston, with an office in Manchester, New Hampshire, we are committed to supporting the communities we serve. 

Throughout the year our Community Outreach teams work with community groups and individuals to educate residents about the affordable, high-quality health coverage available through state health care programs. We also offer assistance to those applying for coverage.

Helping our members get fit and stay healthy are also important goals for us. That’s why our teams teach children and adults about the importance of exercise and eating right, and it’s why our staff works with local organizations to improve the overall health of residents in the communities we serve.

Here are just a few of the ways our Community Outreach team makes a difference:

  • working with advocacy groups to educate individuals about high-quality, affordable health coverage and how to apply for it
  • providing supplies to local schools and health & wellness presentations
  • taking part in events and activities that promote good health
  • supporting organizations that work to keep our kids safe providing educational resources

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